Medik8 Advanced Day Eye Protect SPF30 5* UVA


Elegant all-in-one day eye cream. With SPF30 and 5* UVA protection. Prevent signs of ageing around the yes caused by environmental damage while also hydrating, reducing puffiness and awakening dark circles.  The results are smoother, more youthful looking eye area.  The fragrance free formula is gentle on skin, sinking in rapidly, leaving eyes nourished and protected all day long.  Protects against UVA, pollution, ant-infrared, anti-blue light. 


The delicate eye area is often one of the first places to show age and needs extra protection against external aggressors. With SPF 30, 5* protection, Advanced Day Eye Protect shields the delicate skin from harmful UV rays to limit premature ageing. Using carnosine in our anti-A.G.E technology prevents glycation, a natural ageing process in which sugars bind themselves to proteins such as collagen and elastin, transforming them into advanced glycation end-products (A.G.E.s) that cannot be renewed. Carnosine is also able to protect the delicate skin from infrared rays, which can also break down collagen supplies. The lightweight cream shields against the effects of blue light from screens, which our eyes are exposed to everyday. A combination of caffeine and hesperidin helps to diminish the signs of dark circles to leave eyes protected, bright and refreshed.


Moringa Extract – A next-generation antioxidant that forms an urban shield on the surface of the skin to prevent damage caused by environmental pollutants.

Carnosine – A protective peptide that is naturally produced in the body, carnosine blocks skin-damaging sugars from binding to collagen in the skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles, while shielding skin from infrared damage.

Theobroma Cocoa Seed Extract – Derived from cocoa, this powerful extract protects the skin from the harmful effects of blue light, while quenching dangerous free radicals and boosting collagen.

Caffeine – Revitalising caffeine helps to reduce the size of blood vessels to diffuse the appearance of tired eyes.

Hesperidin – Found naturally in citrus fruits, hesperidin improves blood circulation and strengthens capillary walls for brighter under eyes.


After cleansing in the morning, apply a small amount around the eye area avoiding the eyelids.

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