Medik8 Rejuvenating Eye Regime


Skincare regime for the delicate eye area. You must treat this area differently to the face as the skin is much thinner and more delicate.

This kit includes;

Eyes & Lips Micellar Cleanse - Conditioning Waterproof Make-Up Remover with Micellar Water. A triple phase micellar cleansing system that gently removes long-wear lip and eye make-up without the need to tug the skin.  

Usage -Shake the bottle to activate the solution.  Apply a small amount to a cotton pad, gently press over the lips or eyes for a few seconds and sweep away until make-up free.

C Tetra Eye Serum -Lipid vitamin C antioxidant serum for the eyes. Revitalise and smooth the eye area with this brightening vitamin C serum. 100% stable and deeply hydrating, the formula is perfectly gentle to be used around the eyes, sinking in rapidly to leave your eyes refreshed and energised. With an uplifting citrus aroma.  Usage -After cleansing in the morning, use the spatula-style applicator to sweep a small amount of C-Tetra Eye across the under-eye and brow bone, avoiding eyelids. Gently blend.

Hydropeptide Collagel+ Eye PadsKeep eyes cool, calm and collected with these firming, smoothing, de-puffing gel under eye masks.  Immediately smooths and plumps, deeply hydrates and lock in moisture.  Calms and de-puffs.  

Usage -Dry skin thoroughly after cleansing, separate the el masks from the clear film and apply directly under the eyes.  The narrow part of each mask is applied towards the nose and the wide part under the outer corner of the eye.  Leave for 10-20 minutes.  Remove the masks, don’t rinse.  Apply appropriate moisturiser and SPF.

Advanced Night Eye Cream -Wake up to younger looking eyes. This rich eye cream glides over the skin, providing you with the ultimate relaxing experience as you massage it ever so carefully into the delicate eye area.  Designed to enhance the skin's nightly regenerative cycle, it works while you sleep to deliver a smooth and firm eye contour.  With a soft, neutral aroma, it can be seamlessly added into your existing night-time regime.  Use with Retinol eye to maximise results.

UsageAfter cleansing in the evening, apply a small amount around the eye area, avoiding eyelids.  


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