Bamboo Cotton Pads


The more sustainable approach to cleansing and toning. Enjoy these reusable and washable bamboo cotton pads in lieu of single-use, disposable cotton pads and face wipes.


Maintain your skincare regime while helping the environment. Double sided with a gently exfoliating terry surface, create less waste and enjoy the ease of popping your pads in a weekly machine wash to use time and time again.


Reusable, washable bamboo cotton pads are the perfect waste-free alternative to single-use cotton pads and makeup remover wipes.


Made of 70% natural bamboo fibre, 10% cotton, 20 % polyester.

How To Use

  • Apply your cream cleanser, eye makeup remover or toner to the bamboo pad and sweep over the skin as usual to remove dirt, debris and makeup. Use both sides. Set aside.
  • Once you have used 7 pairs across the week, place all the used pads in the laundry bag provided and put them in a 40 degree standard machine wash with like colours. Once the cycle is complete, remove them from their bag and allow them to air dry.  Do not tumble dry. Use your 8th pair of pads on washing day.




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