Milia are tiny (1-2mm) cysts filled with keratin, a type of protein within the skin. They develop under the top layer of the skin and can often appear around the eyes, nose or on the cheeks and don't have the same inflammation as whiteheads. There are two main types: Primary milia are formed directly from trapped keratin; Secondary milia form after something clogs the ducts leading to the skin surface, usually after a trauma to the skin, such as an injury or burn



There are 2 methods of removal of milia. If the milia is very small then lancing it is not always possible therefore we will need to use the Cryopen.  If the milia are very close to the eye we can not lance them either again the Cryopen method will need to be used. Both methods usually only require one treatment.

Treatments include steaming the skin to warm the skin for extraction, removal with a disposable fine needle. Both methods are permanent, treatment will depend on size and location of milia. The Cryopen is a method of freezing the lesion causing it to disappear. 


 £12.00  Per 15 Minutes with a micro lance 
£30.00 For 1 milia with Cryopen, £60.00 for 5