Cosmetic tattooing is the process of implanting pigment with a welding device within the upper dermal layer of the skin to create a long lasting make-up effect.

This procedure is particularly beneficial to those who lack time to apply conventional make-up daily, those with allergies to traditional forms of cosmetics, people who suffer from hair loss through a medical or non medical condition.  3 treatments are included in the cost of our procedure with 4-6 weeks between each treatment.  

Sally has been carrying out this procedure for 25 years. 

Every treatment starts with a consultation appointment to discuss the procedure with you, apply patch testing and check your medical history to ensure you are eligible for treatment.  We then look at your eyebrows and discuss your needs.  This takes 30 minutes.

Anytime after 48 hours post consultation the first treatment can be performed.  This take approx. 90-120 minutes.  Anaesthetic cream is applied to your skin before treatment for your comfort.

The 2nd treatment is the 4-6 weeks top up appointment.  This part of the procedure is to ensure the longevity of the cosmetic make-up.  Building and layering pigment in the upper dermal layers of the skin and to replace any pigment that was lost in the healing phase.

Unlike many other salons/ clinics we offer a 3rd treatment 4-6 weeks later to ensure the ‘Perfection’ of the desired area is achieved.  

Annual - 18 month tops are recommended for the procedure to look at its optimal. 

We offer semi-permanent Eyebrows, Lash Enhancement, Eyeliner (top & bottom) and Lipliner.

Prices are per consultation but start from;

  • £250.00 for Eyebrows
  • £150.00 for Eyelash Enhancement
  • £200.00 for Eyeliner 
  • £250.00 for Lipliner