COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Things have changed a lot since we last saw you and we need to let you know of all our new health & safety updates.

We will look different to when we last saw you, we will be wearing PPE at all times, masks, gloves, visor and an apron. These will be changed between each client visit.

Please read this thoroughly before you attend your appointment and be sure to follow these guidelines;


  1. Please cancel your appointment if you or anyone in your household is feeling unwell.
  2. Please be aware if I or anyone in my household should feel unwell, I will be cancelling your appointment.
  3. No last-minute cancellations charges will be upheld during this difficult time.
  4. Please come alone to your appointment, there is no waiting area in our reception. A chair is available outside our front door.
  5. Please arrive on time for your appointment do not arrive early as you won’t be allowed in the clinic until the previous client has left and I have sanitised the clinic.
  6. Please limit personal belongings to essential items where possible.
  7. Please take a seat in the courtyard on the seat provided until I call you into the clinic for your appointment.
  8. Please use the sanitising spray on the clinic door when you arrive.
  9. Please do not ring or knock on the door when you arrive.
  10. Please bring a mask to wear in the clinic.
  11. You will be expected to wear the mask as soon as you enter the clinic, and not remove it until we say so. If you are having anything other than a facial you will be required to wear it throughout your visit.
  12. If you are having a nail treatment, please look at the website for the colours so you can choose before you attend your appointment. BIOSCULPTURE COLOURS


  1. You will be asked to come straight into the clinic treatment room, if you are in the clinic when another therapist or client is in the reception area please adhere to the social distancing rule. We will try not to let this happen by staggering our treatment times and working days/ hours.
  2. There won’t be any towels on the bed to allow us to remove everything between clients and sanitise efficiently. I will try and make the experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.


  1. My credit card machine is now in my clinic room. (Sally)
  2. Please pay by contactless, ApplePay or bank transfer where possible. Contactless limit is £45 & ApplePay has no limit.
  3. Retail will be available, if possible, please let me know ahead of your treatment what you need so I can have it ready for you.
  4. We have had to add on a £1.50 charge for ppe during this difficult time. 

If you have any queries, please contact me on or

07738 445189 Sally

07803 539754 Yvonne

 We look forward to seeing you soon x



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