Dermisonic's 5 unique functions provide a powerful skincare solution in a single technology

  • Ultrasound - Sends 1,000,000 high frequency waves deep into the skin: this produces fast repeated stretching & shrinking of the cell membranes which promote collagen production & improves skin elasticity. Also removes dead skin cells that block pores, without damaging living cells in the lower layers of the skin.
  • ION+ therapy is deep cleansing, attracting impurities and dead cells out of the pores
  • ION- therapy allows deeper penetration of products into the dermis
  • Vibration Massage (6'000 - 7'000 times per minute) stimulates the circulation
  • LED Light therapy - Natural healing power of light to treat inflammation, acne, inflammation, pigmentation, firm and toning of the skin. Exposing the skin to light activates the skin's photoreceptors and lets the skin cells absorb its energy. It accelerates cell biochemical circulation & stimulates the production of collagen


Light Therapy can be added to any facial for £10

Specific LED Facials

LED Light Therapy Facial - 30 minutes £45 

Uses all LED light to deep cleanse, exfoliate, speed up new healthy skin cells which will intern help to heal any acne or spots. Helps to reduce inflammation and redness using ultrasound, vibration massage & LED light to accelerate cell biochemical circulation & stimulate production of collagen. Removes dead skin cells without damaging living cells with the natural healing power of light.

LED Light Mask - 30 Minutes £10 or Course of 5 for £40

LED phototherapy activates the deeper cells so that the skin has better metabolism and cell renewal. This treatment is at our Light Bar. Rejuvenates, balances colour, healing & kills Acne P Bacteria.