Teoxane AHA Cleansing Gel


A rinse off foaming cleanser that thoroughly purifies, revives and brightens the skin to offer a silky skin with a glowing complexion.  With AHA cleansing gel, cleansing becomes the essential beginning of every beauty routine.

Skin Benefits

A multi-benefit cleanser which deeply cleanse and purifies the skin. It’s exclusive formula combines intelligent ingredients: glycolic acid, fruit acids, RHA® Resilient Hyaluronic and a brightening complex to remove long-wear make-up, and dead skin cells, hydrate the skin and provide a fresh and radiant complexion. 

  • Cleansed & purified: the skin is perfectly cleansed, pore sizes are reduced and complexion fresh
  • Glowing: skin has a better radiance
  • Protected & hydrated skin: the skin is hydrated and protected thanks to our RHA®
  • Uniformed complexion: imperfections are less visible

Key Ingredients

Teoxane key ingredients

How do you use it?

Apply once a day in the morning or a moistened face and neck. Lather and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
AHA Cleansing gel is suitable for all skin types, except sensitive skin.

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