Renbe UK Disposable Face Towels


Renbe UK’s Flawless Face Towels come in a box of 30 luxuriously durable towels. Sized 20cm x 20cm, come dry so no product on them, this gives you the versatility to be able to wet them to remove any cleansing products, exfoliators or face masks. 

Once wet you can also add your own skincare products to create your own face wipe or add any liquid products such as toner or eye make up remover instead of using a cotton pad. Don’t forget you only need one towel so you can rinse and reuse the same towel between each step of your routine.

About Flawless Face Towels

Renbe Flawless Face Towels are 100% biodegradable, an eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads, they are soft and gentle on the skin and no washing is required.

  • 100% Biodegradable & compostable - Eco Friendly
  • 100@ Bamboo - High quality & sustainable
  • Luxurious & strong - used for all skincare
  • Soft & gentle on the skin - Naturally hypoallergenic

How To Use Your Face Towel

Wet your flawless face towel to remove your cleansers, exfoliators and masks. Rinse your flawless face towel after each step and watch your towel refresh as if you are using a brand new one each time. Once complete you simply dispose of your eco-friendly towel for ultimate convenience.  Leaving your skin feeling perfectly cleansed every time!


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